Vehicle Drop Off

Guests of Gateway Valet may drop their vehicles off at one of two locations. If travelling outbound internationally, please drop your vehicle to the YVR Fairmont Hotel Valet Attendants. If travelling domestically within Canada, please drive past the YVR Fairmont hotel to our second drop location which is located near the domestic side of the departures terminal. Please look for our red velvet ropes and valet attendants at attention.

Vehicle Pick Up

Guests of Gateway Valet may pick up their vehicle at one of two locations. If returning from an international flight, guests can pick up their keys at the Gateway Valet location inside the terminal which is located diagonally from the west jet counter and the information kiosk when greeting occurs. Do not go out the normal greeting line as Gateway Valet has access to the curb from a closer door just outside of our physical location inside the terminal. Domestic flight passengers can retrieve their vehicles by taking the escalator down one floor from luggage pick up. Gateway Valet domestic pick up is located where YVR’s shops and services are and we are located near the 7-eleven and the drycleaners just before exiting the terminal.